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> It would be great if there were a flag/arg that could be added to the
> COMMAND LINE to enable some type of identification to be appended (like
> the date/time stamp like '200310061500' might be good--or since it's a
> flag/arg, append the filename if the flag is present)

Well, as for the appending of the filename, my suggestion would work... As
for the flag setting, I think I'll hand over this one (although it shouldn't
be all that difficult either). Perhaps a method could be added to the
CommandLineOptions? Sth like 'getPrintFlag()' (hmmm, name might be a bit too
generic - never been very good at choosing names ;) ), allowing to
conditionally set the 'pjname' variable.

Or would this, from an OOP point of view, belong to some other class than
the PrintStarter?



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