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> From: Andreas L. Delmelle [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> [...] I have been browsing around in the
> source, and pinpointed *the* class which needs to be modified (maintenance
> branch, but seems to be the same for HEAD, if I'm correct):
> org.apache.fop.apps.PrintStarter - line 187 is where the actual
> printing is done.
> I'll have a look at it later on to see if we can pass a variable from
> somewhere in there. (If nobody gets to it before me, that is...)

( I see Glen, in the meantime has beaten me to it :) )

Just tried the following:

- added a member variable to PrintStarter:

        line 94 ->      private String pjname;

- added in the PrintStarter constructor:

        line 118 ->     pj.setJobName( pjname );

That's all!



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