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> From: Andreas L. Delmelle [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> If Glen judges that it would hardly be worth the effort, I can understand
> perfectly that there are more important issues... So if need be, I'll just
> enter a patch one of the coming days.

On second thought, I believe the CommandLineOptions class in HEAD is not yet
completely refactored, so there the patch might have to wait a little while.

For maintenance, I will submit it, so you can check out.

Stay tuned!



BTW: off-topic for the list, but does anyone know why, when I reply to one
of my own messages on the list, somehow my own address gets appended to the
list of recipients? Never have this with other people's messages... So I end
up annoying myself by sending me the same message twice - don't think I can
take it anymore ;)

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