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> Clay Leeds wrote:
> > Is there any way to control the document name when printing from the
> > command line (fop-0.20.5, java 1.4.1_01-b01 running under Windows XP
> > Pro).


> >
> > Any ideas that don't involve getting Java all over my hands?
> I'm afraid it would involve getting Java all over your hands.  But only
> a small amount of Java. ;)
> The name of a printer job can be set via the
> java.awt.print.PrinterJob.setJobName( String ) method.  This would need
> to be done within whatever class creates the printer job and prints it.
> This might possibly be in AWTRenderer.  (Sorry, I don't have the source
> handy on my machine.)
> Hmmm, this is probably a really unhelpful response....

Hmmm, probably? I guess that depends... I have been browsing around in the
source, and pinpointed *the* class which needs to be modified (maintenance
branch, but seems to be the same for HEAD, if I'm correct):

org.apache.fop.apps.PrintStarter - line 187 is where the actual printing is

I'll have a look at it later on to see if we can pass a variable from
somewhere in there. (If nobody gets to it before me, that is...)

In any case, thanks for this 'really unhelpful' input ;)



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