J.Pietschmann wrote:
- avalon and logging for the base library.


BTW 1. I'd like to get rid of the servlet.jar in our CVS. 2. If we standardize on JDK 1.4 as base (as it currently is), we could drop the Xerces, Xalan and xml-api jars as well. Our Jars seem to be somewhat outdated anyway.

If we go to 1.4, should we also use 1.4 logging (java.util.logging) and possibly also the preferences API (java.util.prefs) for configuration/user agent/user prefs?

I don't know Avalon, so I don't know what other facilities from there we are using or considering using.

If we are involved in such considerations, we need to decide how we propose to support our 1.3 user base. The most recent discussions showed that a number of users face steep costs to upgrade to 1.4.

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