Clay Leeds wrote:

On Feb 8, 2004, at 3:37 AM, J.Pietschmann wrote:


I had a similar thought process (0_20_2-maintain for pre-1.4 users--if it works, don't fix it?). As for 1.0 (forgive my playing the devil's advocate here), why stop at 1.4? Assuming Java 1.5 will be released by the time FOP 1.0 will be released, why not base it on the latest and greatest? Would that offer any benefits? What problems might that lead to?

You would make FOP unavailable to 70% of the user base. Take a look at Sun's Xmlroff, it has a feature set comparable to the maintainance branch, its free, but FOP has a much bigger user base. Why? because xmlroff doesnt run on windows, i.e. its unavailable to a large percentage of its user base. So in summary, if we developed FOP for JDK 1.5, it would be a failure because few people would use it.


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