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> There's also jakarta commons configuration, which uses property
> files (IIRC, may well be wrong).

Not wrong necessarily, I think. Just maybe a bit outdated to some. The
Properties API is treated in many docs as a sort of predecessor to the
Preferences API.

> Other approaches include using commons digester or betwixt for
> reading XML, using a handcrafted XML reader as 0.20.5 does, or
> using JNDI like J2EE.
> No shortage of ideas at all :-)

Indeed no reason to go re-inventing the wheel.
But then again, I haven't yet found any specific approaches making use of
1.4's Preferences API. The particular thing I'm referring to is Sun's or
Apple's choice on the storage location of the settings file. No objection at
all on this being a system-specific location, but it might as well be
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Apache\{project-name} (Win)
or one separate file named apache.{project-name}.plist, instead of one file
for each subtree and corresponding entries for these in the
'com.apple.java.util.prefs.plist' (Mac OSX)

What I certainly didn't mean was that we couldn't be doing some pioneering
work ourselves :)



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