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> ... The settings themselves are stored in a
> system location where they are not meant to be found and edited by hand...
> (On Windows the more straightforward way to modify the prefs
> outside of the application is some regedit'ing).

And then there is still the question of whether to blindly use the
implementation provided by Sun --in which case 'our' FOP configuration
settings will end up in places like, on Windows, a common Java Apps key-hive
in the registry(*) - or whether we're going to provide our own
implementation --maybe this could/should best be done in co-op with other
Apache projects... Perhaps someone at Jakarta already has an idea for a
common Preferences library? (AFAICT not)
Settling on a common location for the Preferences' BackingStore seems like a
decision meant to be taken on a larger scale.



(*) HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\{package-ref} for the
user-level preferences.
on Mac OS X these are stored as .plist XML files in the user's
~/Library/Preferences folder

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