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> If we go to 1.4, should we also use 1.4 logging (java.util.logging) and
> possibly also the preferences API (java.util.prefs) for
> configuration/user agent/user prefs?

I like this latter proposal (using preferences). The more because about 6
months ago I played with the idea of extending FOP to use prefs --my main
idea back then was to allow for simplifying command-line use when performing
the rendering of many similar documents (CL doesn't support using wildcards
AFAIK --I remember at that time it didn't seem too difficult to hack this
in, just didn't get around to doing it; then started to focus on HEAD).

The reason I decided to freeze these ideas was the support still being
offered for 1.3 on one hand, and the fact that, where our current
configuration file can be easily hand-edited, this is a bit more difficult
when using the Preferences API. The settings themselves are stored in a
system location where they are not meant to be found and edited by hand...
(On Windows the more straightforward way to modify the prefs outside of the
application is some regedit'ing).
So, on top of the facility of reading the configuration settings, we would
also have to provide for a way to enter/alter them. (more command-line

Basically this would thus also require a thorough revision of all documents
concerning configuration.

Once support of this sort is operational, however, you could easily export
the config settings from one system (be it Win / Linux / MacOS) and transfer
this to another platform without too much further ado. The Prefs API is
quite straightforward to use programmatically, so IMHO our embedded users
would certainly benefit from this approach. (Thinking of the intuitive
distinction between user- and system-level preferences)

If we're maintaining support for 1.3, the absence of java.util.prefs would
have to be tackled in a way similar to JCE support, I think (--might be
overly complicating in itself) and on top of that, some sort of transition
should be made, leaving the option of reading an 'old' config file into the
brand new FOPPreferences (--this in itself shouldn't be too difficult, just
a matter of transforming the config XML file into an XML ready for import by
the Prefs ).



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