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> I had a similar thought process (0_20_2-maintain for pre-1.4 users--if
> it works, don't fix it?). As for 1.0 (forgive my playing the devil's
> advocate here), why stop at 1.4? Assuming Java 1.5 will be released by
> the time FOP 1.0 will be released, why not base it on the latest and
> greatest? Would that offer any benefits? What problems might that lead
> to?

As much as I like the idea, that's going to be two X.0 releases... I suspect
we'd better keep the '1.4.X Recommended' foot behind the door (--but we
should definitely be looking at gradually providing 1.5 specific stuff
wherever it's advantageous to do so)

Besides that, question remains: how many users currently using 1.4 expect to
upgrade to 1.5 as soon as it arrives?



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