Renaud Richardet wrote:

> > 1. FOray has factored the FOP font logic into a separate module, 
> > cleaned it up significantly, and made some modest 
> improvements. A few 
> > weeks ago, I aXSL-ized it as well, which means that it is 
> written to a 
> > (theoretically) independent interface:
> > 
> > /axsl/
> > font/
> > I think there is general support within FOP to implement the 
> > FOray/aXSL font work in the FOP 1.0 code, but so far no one has 
> > actually taken the time to do it. If you get into messing 
> with fonts 
> > at all, I highly recommend that FOray be implemented before doing 
> > anything else. I will be happy to support efforts to that end.
> For what I understand now, your approach sounds good to me. 
> But I'm missing some major pieces of the picture ATM to start 
> implementing your aXSL interface in FOP. Please let me come 
> back to you when I'll feel more comfortable with the font-mechanism.

Sure. The main thing I wanted to alert you about is that right now, AFAIK,
the HEAD code is pretty similar to the maintenance branch code and
integration *should be* relatively easy. If improvements are made to the
HEAD code, then issues of merging, etc. crop up that make integration
difficult. That is OK too -- I just want to make sure that if it is done
that way, it is done that way on purpose.

Please feel free to contact me offline if you have implementation questions.

Victor Mote

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