On 01.03.2005 15:26:04 Renaud Richardet wrote:
> > Another thought: One of my low-priority tasks is to create a little
> > application that renders a test suite with all of FOP's renderers
> > creating bitmap images for each generated document and ultimately
> > creating a little website that lets us compare the output. PDFs and PS
> > files can be converted to bitmaps using GhostScript. Maybe you might
> > want to write such a thingy. I won't get to it before I get to updating
> > the PS renderer to full quality.
> That would be good. Do you mean something like the "Bitmap production"
> you documented on FopAndJava2D [1]? This is what I intend to work on
> after the basic Java2DRenderer works.

Yes, exactly, at least for the AWT/Java2DRenderer. For PDF and PS you
need to use GhostScript for the conversion.

Jeremias Maerki

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