Thanks for integrating my patch in FOP. 

> > But how can I get an awt.Image from a FopImage?
> I've modified your patch to demonstrate, but it needs some additional
> work to handle the different color models. Probably the image package
> should be extended to provide the necessary information/methods.

OK, I've put that on my TODO-list. 

> > I created an interface (RendererState) that could be implemented by
> > all xxxState of the renderers. To be discussed...
> I moved the interface into the awt package for now since it contains
> Java2D-dependant methods and classes. I don't see right now how the
> other renderer would fit into the picture. 

Neither do I right now, but I think it will come clearer in the future.

> The PDF renderer's state
> class is in the pdf package and should probably stay there.

Yes, in any case.

> > If this code works for you, then I'll start to separate the
> > Java2DRenderer and the AWTRenderer. Otherwise, please tell me how I
> > can improve my code.
> I liked the patch. It's a big step forward. Keep it up!

</me happy>

> By the way, Renaud, you should sign and send an ICLA (Individual
> Contributor license agreement) to the ASF if you haven't done so already.

I just did it last week. Thanks for remembering me.


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