On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 7:18 PM, Vincent Hennebert <vhenneb...@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Glenn,
> From you first message I had the impression that you wanted to keep
> using that tool for future documentation

as i've said, i intend to transition the documentation to the FOP wiki over
a period of time, so that it will all end up on the latter

> it’s going to take some time to process your patch anyway.

keep in mind that the current patch is a starting point in what i expect to
be a number of patches on top of it; in discussing this with Benson, we
thought that getting something working into peoples hands earlier was a good
policy (release early, release often!), even though it is not functionally
complete nor adequately tested;

in reviewing this initial patch, you may want to keep in mind that I view it
as a temporary milestone, subject to considerable change, optimization, etc,
before i will be ready to propose merging into the dev trunk; therefore, you
may wish to incrementally review it, and save the more in-depth review
effort for when i make such a proposal; that is, after all, my understanding
of the purpose of doing this on a temporary branch, to give it time to

i see that Pascal has already built it and successfully produce a correct
Arabic rendering, so that is one data point you might use;

> You said you also used git; now that would be something useful to us if
> we had access to it (or at least the history of commits). That would
> allow us to follow the progression you undertook, which isn’t as easily
> done with a patch.

let me investigate this, if i can't easily do it on codesion, i'll push a
remote to github or another site with anonymous access


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