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Just to be clear: my main issue was with maintaining the auto-exclusion policy 
in the longer term. I do not question the past decisions, nor did I intend to 
point fingers (even if only implicitly). If I enervated anyone by bringing this 
up again, my apologies.
The more general context is avoiding what Glenn referred to as 'stagnation'.

I was just concerned about the most current action, because I can see where 
Glenn and Vincent are coming from. I noticed the FB target had been added, and 
was sincerely interested in using it, but if this is how its use will be 
promoted, that interest might very well fade quite soon...

I do not see FB as a magic wand myself, as there are obviously a lot of common 
and less common, in-your-face mistakes, anti-patterns or other types of 
ugliness that do not raise any flag whatsoever, not even a warning, but do 
deserve attention nevertheless. Things that require a human eye and brain to 
detect them. 
I see it more as a learning experience, hoping that in time, one's code style 
will adapt and those dubious patterns are avoided to begin with, hence reducing 
the 'additional effort' required to the time necessary to run the build target 
and check whether the result is still zero...
It might just make you an even better coder in the long term. Or, maybe you 
think that is just not possible... ;-)

Speaking in a more general context, no matter how many layers of testing and 
automated checks are added, it is always possible to produce the proverbial 
substandard spaghetti. No guarantees there, unfortunately.
It *will* be reasonably guarded against future regressions and be virtually 
free of functional bugs, though... and have a fairly consistent style, too! :->

About the whole committership debate: 
I feel like I should remind people that some --including myself-- got voted in 
without having submitted a single line of code. It's all about contributions, 
in whatever form. 
There have also been people that donated very significant patches, but never 
stayed long enough to be considered.
Come to think of it, I almost cannot remember when the previous committer got 
voted in. Was that Pascal? Quite some time ago, and I am seeing patches in 
Bugzilla that reveal a few potentials. Just a suggestion. Contact me off-list 
if you do not see them immediately. No name-dropping here. ;-)
They might be tempted to spend their time elsewhere if their efforts here are 
not 'rewarded' in some way other than just: 'Thanks for the patch!'



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