On 02/03/11 22:44, Glenn Adams wrote:
> My apologies for mixing the FB discussion and the commitership issue, which
> are indeed separate.
> Now, regarding commitership, I must say that if I were already a committer,
> I would probably have already fixed all the current FB exclusions or
> documented the chaff as acceptable. However, having to go through other
> committers to fix up all these issues is simply too much pain, partly
> because it places more delays into the process and makes it harder to
> implement such fixes in the face of a moving target. Having spent at least 8
> months contributing to FOP, I find it disconcerting that (1) I am still
> waiting feedback about committer status, (2) I have not even been
> acknowledged as a contributor (see
> http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/team.html). Frankly, the process appears
> to be broken.

In general, the more people have the impression that they are being
forced to make a decision, the more resistant to it they are.


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