On 21 Feb 2011, at 20:49, Eric Douglas wrote:

> I haven't looked at the trunk lately but 1.0 has a ton of warnings, at
> least in my compile.
> I don't know how much warnings have changed over the versions.
> I think it was originally written to compile on Java 1.4 or maybe even
> 1.3.

Even lower, IIRC. FOP ultimately dates back to last century.

> 1.5 shows thousands of warnings, 1.6 shows more.
> Some of the warnings are quirky (raw type list?),

Those are the 'unchecked assignment' type. On the one hand, not much to worry 
about, as it has posed little problems in the past. On the other, it did 
sometimes cause nasty ClassCastExceptions...
So we definitely try to eliminate those as we go. This number should reduce 
over time.



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