hi, does anyone on this list know the scoop on what xml parser or parsers one should be using for future work... and what Fop should be using?

tomcat-4 seems to have been waffling. 4.0 came with crimson, 4.0.1 came with xerces, and now there's 4.0.2-LE-jdk1.4 designed to operation with the almost-out jdk1.4.

which incorporates a lot of useful stuff like jsse, maybe javamail, xalan, and ... crimson!

i like crimson fine - it's smaller than xerces - and if sun is going to be taking ownership of xml parsing, maybe projects like Fop should start conforming to the dictators in palo alto.

i've used JAXP and SAX APIs pretty heavily and i can't say i notice much difference, but Fop is decidedly unhappy with jdk1.4, which lacks xml.serialize.

this is too hard. i just want to use Fop with tomcat.

hoo boy, and don't get me started about the servlet API and Fop's need for OutputStreams when all JSP will give you are Writers..

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