for OutputStreams when all JSP will give you are Writers..

JSP is bad for your mental health anyway :-)

uh oh, you got me started...

i rather like JSP (in principle) and the idea of developing tags for use by UI and layout people.

<fop fo="{layout}.fo"><xslt xsl="{book}.xsl"><book .../></xslt></fop>

can even be a true pipeline with a little tomcat hacking to avoid those stupid BodyContent things.

looking at the code generated by a JSP compiler does give my stomach a turn, and the Writer/OutputStream problem rears its ugly head with Fop. i can see why Fop doesn't deal with Writers - all of the Image serialization things i've seen use OutputStreams exclusively.

plus, sun appears to finally be making a push in jdk1.4 to make byte streams go fast. no idea what this will do to JSP.

but without Fop able to use Writers the above pipeline is going to have a byte->char->byte thing going on, just waiting for a unicode/buffer-alignment bug to pop up a year from now.

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