Bart Locanthi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> [I wrote:]
> > Can you describe your problems a little bit more detailed?
> tomcat comes with xerces or crimson...

I meant: do your applications throw unexpected exceptions, if so,
which (ClassNotFound (which class), NoSuchMethod ...), or do they
malfunction or hang or give unexpected results or what?

Apart from this, org.apache.xml.serialize is not JAXP and therefore
unlikely to appear in any Sun Java distribition. This can be remedied
in a somewhat odd way by using the built-in identity transformation:
    new DOMSource(... ), //or whatever
    new StreamResult(new File("/path/to/result.xml")));
(IMHO thats rather bad architecture, but so what.)
It should be possible to set output encoding and all that stuff on
the identity transformer the same way as on any other.

Would be interesting if FOP was fixed this way and therefore
became more independent of the underlying XML libraries. In fact,
it should be possible to get rid of all org.apache.x*.* imports
and references and to solely rely on JAXP classes and methods.

I also vaguely remember that recent tomcat releases no longer
exposes its XML parser to servlets per default, this may also
be a source of confusion. The docs have a method how to get
the parser back.


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