jaxp has some org.apache.xml things in it, and jdk1.4's rt.jar has both crimson and xalan in it.

the tomcat distros 4.0, 4.0.1, and 4.0.2 seem to all have different ideas of what xml parsers to present. they're always exposed in common/lib but users are invited to replace them with whatever.

4.0: crimson
4.0.1: xerces
4.0.2: xerces
4.0.2-LE-jdk1.4: nothing (but crimson in jdk1.4)

Would be interesting if FOP was fixed this way and therefore
became more independent of the underlying XML libraries. In fact,
it should be possible to get rid of all org.apache.x*.* imports
and references and to solely rely on JAXP classes and methods.

The only place where Xerces is directly imported is the PFMReader and TTFReader. Ok, Driver, when startet using the command line, uses Xerces by default, but nothing prevents you from using any JAXP parser with FOP.

I also vaguely remember that recent tomcat releases no longer
exposes its XML parser to servlets per default, this may also
be a source of confusion. The docs have a method how to get
the parser back.

Cheers, Jeremias Märki


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