On 11.02.2002 17:32:49 Bart Locanthi wrote:
> >>for OutputStreams when all JSP will give you are Writers..
> > 
> > JSP is bad for your mental health anyway :-)
> uh oh, you got me started...
> i rather like JSP (in principle) and the idea of developing tags for use 
> by UI and layout people.
> <fop fo="{layout}.fo"><xslt xsl="{book}.xsl"><book .../></xslt></fop>
> can even be a true pipeline with a little tomcat hacking to avoid those 
> stupid BodyContent things.
> looking at the code generated by a JSP compiler does give my stomach a 
> turn, and the Writer/OutputStream problem rears its ugly head with Fop. 
> i can see why Fop doesn't deal with Writers - all of the Image 
> serialization things i've seen use OutputStreams exclusively.

Well, PDF for example is basically a binary format. And binary formats
don't go well with Writers. That's a short story.

> plus, sun appears to finally be making a push in jdk1.4 to make byte 
> streams go fast. no idea what this will do to JSP.
> but without Fop able to use Writers the above pipeline is going to have 
> a byte->char->byte thing going on, just waiting for a 
> unicode/buffer-alignment bug to pop up a year from now.

JSP is nice but use a Servlet in this case and save your nerves. You'll
live longer that way. Sorry, I couldn't hold back on this one. :-)

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