Hi Jeff,

  Now I'm confused. I downloaded FOP from
http://xml.apache.org/dist/fop/ , just this morning. It didn't
include a jimi.jar and it didn't include any .bat files either.
I included ever .jar file that was in my lib directory, in the
classpath. Is there another place that I can download from? I'm
using Windows ME, but I don't think that would matter would it
(since it's all java)?


--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Devon-
> I think you're missing a jar in there.  My call to FOP
> includes the
> following -cp parameter:
> -cp
> I didn't see the path to the jimi-1.0,jar in your classpaths,
> and I'm not
> sure what ant.jar is.  I guess including the path to jimi.jar
> would be my
> first attempt.
> Just out of curiosity, why aren't you using the fop.bat that
> comes in the
> downloadable package?
> -Jeff

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