did you try C:\xsl\build>Fop -fo list.fo -pdf list.pdf ?

Christian Geisert wrote:
L'eau wrote:

Ok, so I had the time to download an old FOP version, and was
glad to see it had a jimi-1.0.jar in it! It works to a degree. I
did this:

C:\xsl\build>Fop list.fo list.pdf

Now I get the following error message now:

[ERROR]: Don't know what to do with

.....and that's it. It doesn't even tell me what it doesn't know
what to do with. I'm stumped and baffled.

Strange, this error happens if you give three commandline arguments
and in your case this seems to be blank (really strange .. which
OS are you using?)

You could try "fop list.fo list.pdf" (with quotes)


PS. who would I write to, to let Apache know that their latest

This is the appropriate place but we had to remove jimi because we
are not allowed to distribute it (it is mentioned in the release notes!)

    FOP package is missing a jimi-1.0.jar? I can only imagine
    how many other people are having a problem and giving up.


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