Thanks Manuel. I understand the difference now. Let me
rephrase my question.

I'm using Arial font in FOP and when I render it to
PDF with a specific font type and size (bold, size 12
pt) and I do the same with Microsoft word and print
both. It is exact same line and same font etc. The
Microsoft version of it is longer (when I overlay and
compare) than the FOP version even though both are
using the same fonts? Somehow the spacing of the
characters/words seems to be different in FOP than
with word. 

Is this a known issue? Can this be corrected? This is
causing some inconsistency between 2 formats namely
word and PDF. Please help.

Thank you.

--- Manuel Mall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Fri, 18 Nov 2005 04:46 am, Prakash R wrote:
> > I'm using Arial font with FOP. I installed the
> fonts
> > by following the step to install custom fonts from
> > on the FOP website using the TTFReader and adding
> > entries in userconfig.xml.
> >
> > When I generate a PDF which uses the Arial font,
> the
> > width of characters are different for uppercase
> and
> > lowercase. The lowercase being lesser width. Is
> there
> > anyway I can set any property so that the
> lowercase
> > characters are also the same width as the
> uppercase
> > characters?
> >
> Arial is a so called proportional font. Not only
> have lowercase letters 
> different widths to uppercase letters but even
> within the same case 
> letters will have different widths, e.g. i will have
> a different width 
> to m and W is different in width to J.
> If a fixed character width is important to your
> layout you need to use a 
> fixed width (= non proportional) font. For example
> Courier.
> > Thank you.
> > Prakash
> >
> Manuel
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