On Nov 17, 2005, at 4:17 PM, Prakash R wrote:
Thanks Manuel. I understand the difference now. Let me rephrase my question.

I'm using Arial font in FOP and when I render it to PDF with a specific font type and size (bold, size 12 pt) and I do the same with Microsoft word and print both. It is exact same line and same font etc. The Microsoft version of it is longer (when I overlay and compare) than the FOP version even though both are using the same fonts? Somehow the spacing of the characters/words seems to be different in FOP than with word.

Is this a known issue? Can this be corrected? This is causing some inconsistency between 2 formats namely word and PDF. Please help.

Thank you.

There are a few questions you might be able to answer and/or ask:
- Does the Microsoft version use text-align="justify"?
- Are the Character & Paragraph settings identical
(MS Word has are a lot of options: condensed/expanded, char width, line-spacing, etc.)
- Are they generated on the same platform?
- Do the characters look identical, just the spacing is different?

Expecting FOP output to look identical to Microsoft is (IMO) asking a lot. For most uses, people aren't going to be comparing the two, so it isn't a problem. I suspect that if you really need the output to look identical, you might need to either start submitting patches to fix the problem or paying someone to submit patches. Either of which would be welcome (IMO)!


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