Yeah, check the font folder and see that Helvetica is actually
installed, and installed properly. Windows hides information, list the
files at the command line or use a third-party file browser. I had a
problem a couple of years ago where one of the two files (.pfb and
.pfm) required for an old PostScript font was missing.

> - Document uses Helvetica font. Font pane shows all document fonts are
> available and in use (i.e., FrameMaker is not substituting any fonts).

On Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 8:36 AM, Stuart Rogers
<> wrote:

> Are you sure the client actually has Helvetica on their system, and that
> Adobe PDF is their default printer (at least when using FM -- see Sundorne
> Setprint plugin)? It's possible their hardware printer is reporting the
> presence of Helvetica to the operating system, so that it appears to be
> present, but a printer-resident font can't be embedded in PDF.

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