Mike Wickham said:
... Helvetica from your computer-- or replace it with the OpenType version.

I am curious as to how to get hold of [newer] OTF versions of Helvetica (and 
some other old Adobe fonts that I use - like Caslon Expert) without having to 
pay an arm and a leg for it. As I recall, these fonts (with all variants) are 
darn expensive.

My current Helvetica font files are ancient Type 1 ones - I received the 
standard "35 PostScript" Adobe fonts as part of two Adobe PostScript Cartridge 
purchases I made for my equally ancient and long-dead HP LaserJet II laser 
printer and other font purchases way back when. For example, The date on these 
Helvetica files are from around 1990 and 1994, etc.

So, they don't have all glyphs for today's needs for some people. Luckily, this 
has not hurt me too much, primarily because I have not had a need for Unicode 
(yet) and have a substitution in another font for the Euro glyph, but ...

I don't know if Helvetica has changed since that time, but I assume - perhaps 
incorrectly - that new glyphs have been added and/or any imperfections have 
been fixed, etc. (?) Because I do see newer releases of some Adobe other fonts 
included in their software ... with different files sizes, internal font 
versions, etc. Some recent Acrobat Pro versions in particular.

Anyway, some time back, I commented/asked here about Adobe providing font 
upgrades (with reasonable prices), and somebody from Adobe mentioned that they 
don't do that. Unfortunate! :(

I think that it is good for Adobe to (a) consider doing font upgrades for 
people who have these fonts - particular the ancient Type 1 files and/or (b) 
for the FrameMaker or Acrobat team to consider adding in the "traditional" 35 
fonts (in updated OTF form, of course!) from the Apple LaserWriter days, as 
part of a standard font set for FrameMaker/Acrobat.


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