Hey Tom,

At this time, I have not yet re-installed FM10 and still canNOT reinstall 
Acrobat 9 Pro without getting that damn popup.

And remember, after clicking "OK" on the ("Setup has detected ...") popup 
window, the main Acrobat setup window returns to present only a "Finish" button 
and when you click on it, the whole thing closes.

No choices are presented at any time as to whether you want to install this or 

And I'm well-aware of what you said about FM pdf printing so that's not an 

Thanks for the reply and let me know of any other ideas.

-- Ken in Atlanta

On Friday, January 2, 2015 10:27 PM, "tom.beiswen...@emhartglass.com" 
<tom.beiswen...@emhartglass.com> wrote:

>Ken, I had a similar problem, but with FM12. The solution was to make sure you 
>uninstall Acrobat 9 and restart. The when you load FM make sure not to enable 
>pdf printing. Load acrobat next. 
>Tom Beiswenger
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>On Jan 2, 2015, at 10:08 PM, Ken Poshedly <poshe...@bellsouth.net> wrote:
>I recently (earlier this week) upgraded my home platform with a new 
>motherboard (MSI A88X-G43), 64-bit Windows 7 and 16 GB of RAM on the 
>recommendation of a friend who's en electrical engineer and services control 
>systems at various industrial plants across the southeastern U.S. His house is 
>probably wired better than any computer store. And he has helped out at 
>various times in the past, so I trust his opinion.
>>The C-drive partition of my hard drive is for my programs and the D-drive 
>>partition is for my data folders and files.
>>Before doing the upgrade, I backed up (copied) everything from both the C and 
>>D drives onto my external hard drive.
>>I then
 deactivated and uninstalled FrameMaker 10, then uninstalled Acrobat 9; I could 
find nothing about deactivating it before uninstalling it.
>>Now, after the upgrade, I reinstalled FrameMaker 10 (using the 30-day trial 
>>button during these tests) and it runs fine.
>>But Acrobat 9 Pro will not install. Instead, right after the opening 
>>("splash"?) screen, a popup appears with the message, "Setup has detected 
>>that you already have a more functional product installed. Setup will now 
>>terminate" and the "OK" button.
>>I noted that when I open an existing pdf file, it displays in HTML but 
>>exactly as a pdf file.
>>So I once more uninstalled FrameMaker 10 and even did a system restart, but 
>>with no luck. The same popup appears when I try to install Acrobat 9 and I 
>>don't know where to go from here. Is there
 a registry listing or something that I should edit? And if so, where and how?
>>I understand that if all else fails, I'm looking at doing a total Windows 7 
>>Cripe. What a way to start the new year.
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