You got it, David. You got it.

As said earlier and after much frustration, I finally uninstalled ALL the Adobe 
things and THEN successfully installed Acrobat Pro 9.

Afterwards, I re-installed FrameMaker 10, but WITHOUT the PDF Creation 
"fiendish-thingy" (a la Yellow Submarine).

I mistakenly believed uninstalling FrameMaker 10 the first time would also 
uninstall its hangers-on, but obviously NOT.

-- Ken

On Friday, January 9, 2015 4:00 PM, David Artman <> wrote:

>Hopefully I'm not too late to help!
>I actually got a new system at work today and fully rebuilt my production 
>environment before lunch (FM8 + CS5 & AcroPro9 & oXygen & all updates across 
>the system).
>As it wasn't my first rodeo with Frame and the terrible PDF support, I knew to 
>do the following:
>1) Install FM8 but DO NOT install "PDF Creation" from the FM disk (8 prompts; 
>later it might be a checkbox).
>2) Install all FM8 updates, in order, from the web. 
>3) Install PhotoShop and Illustrator ONLY from CS5.
>4) Install Acrobat Pro 9, full (even all language support).
>5) Install all my other helpers and oXygen (we are in transition to DITA/XML).
>6) Run Windows Update. Twice.
>7) Update Java (incidental; we use vCloud Director).
>8) THEN run Adobe Updater.
>Done. The critical step, as your friend deduced, is not to let FrameMaker do 
>ANYTHING to setup Acrobat, Distiller, PDF Printer, etc: nothing. And only 
>install Acrobat Pro after ALL other Adobe products are installed: let it do 
>it's thing without any chance of something dumber coming along and "fixing" it.

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