<sigh> Thanks for trying but CCleaner wasn't able to clear up the problem.

I'm off to my friend's place this afternoon (the one who has done wondrous 
workarounds with various software in the past on his and other platforms) to 
see what he can do. If no success there, then a back-up once more to my 
external drive and a re-install of Windows 7 on the C-drive and start from 
scratch with my program installations -- and Acrobat Pro Version 9 will be the 
first one after the Windows updates and mother board device drivers are 

It will be painful but not nearly as bad as it could be since I've only had 
this thing in place since Monday.

-- Ken in Atlanta

On Saturday, January 3, 2015 1:21 PM, "Syed Zaeem Hosain 
(syed.hos...@aeris.net)" <syed.hos...@aeris.net> wrote:

>After you de-install the applications, please run CCleaner (free version is at 
>www.piriform.com) and see if this helps remove any issues in the Windows 
>registry that are causing the problem you are experiencing.
>During registry cleaning (second tab in the app), please uncheck the “Unused 
>File Extensions” option though – my experience is that this causes me 
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>Nope (to your first paragraph questions).
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>On Jan 2, 2015, at 11:32 PM, Fred Ridder <docu...@hotmail.com> wrote:
>Do you by any chance have Adobe Reader X or Adobe Reader XI installed? Either 
>of these would be detected by the Acrobat 9 installer as a newer Adobe 
>application for reading PDFs, and most likely cause it to bail out of the 
>Acrobat installation.
>>And FWIW, Acrobat 9 had some security issues that may or may not have been 
>>patched because version 9 is now two versions out of date.
>>-Fred Ridder
>>Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2015 19:38:58 -0800
>>From: poshe...@bellsouth.net
>>Subject: Re: Setup has detected . . .
>>To: tom.beiswen...@emhartglass.com
>>CC: framers@lists.frameusers.com
>>Hey Tom,
>>At this time, I have not yet re-installed FM10 and still canNOT reinstall 
>>Acrobat 9 Pro without getting that damn popup.
>>And remember, after clicking "OK" on the ("Setup has detected ...") popup 
>>window, the main Acrobat setup window returns to present only a "Finish" 
>>button and when you click on it, the whole thing closes.
>>No choices are presented at any time as to whether you want to install this 
>>or that.
>>And I'm well-aware of what you said about FM pdf printing so that's not an 
>>Thanks for the reply and let me know of any other ideas.
>>-- Ken in Atlanta
>>On Friday, January 2, 2015 10:27 PM, "tom.beiswen...@emhartglass.com" 
>><tom.beiswen...@emhartglass.com> wrote:
>>>Ken, I had a similar problem, but with FM12. The solution was to make sure 
>>>you uninstall Acrobat 9 and restart. The when you load FM make sure not to 
>>>enable pdf printing. Load acrobat next. 
>>>Tom Beiswenger
>>>Manager, technical & training documentation
>>>Bucher Emhart Glass
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>>>On Jan 2, 2015, at 10:08 PM, Ken Poshedly <poshe...@bellsouth.net> wrote:
>>>I recently (earlier this week) upgraded my home platform with a new 
>>>motherboard (MSI A88X-G43), 64-bit Windows 7 and 16 GB of RAM on the 
>>>recommendation of a friend who's en electrical engineer and services control 
>>>systems at various industrial plants across the southeastern U.S. His house 
>>>is probably wired better than any computer store. And he has helped out at 
>>>various times in the past, so I trust his opinion.
>>>>The C-drive partition of my hard drive is for my programs and the D-drive 
>>>>partition is for my data folders and files.
>>>>Before doing the upgrade, I backed up (copied) everything from both the C 
>>>>and D drives onto my external hard drive.
>>>>I then deactivated and uninstalled FrameMaker 10, then uninstalled Acrobat 
>>>>9; I could find nothing about deactivating it before uninstalling it.
>>>>Now, after the upgrade, I reinstalled FrameMaker 10 (using the 30-day trial 
>>>>button during these tests) and it runs fine.
>>>>But Acrobat 9 Pro will not install. Instead, right after the opening 
>>>>("splash"?) screen, a popup appears with the message, "Setup has detected 
>>>>that you already have a more functional product installed. Setup will now 
>>>>terminate" and the "OK" button.
>>>>I noted that when I open an existing pdf file, it displays in HTML but 
>>>>exactly as a pdf file.
>>>>So I once more uninstalled FrameMaker 10 and even did a system restart, but 
>>>>with no luck. The same popup appears when I try to install Acrobat 9 and I 
>>>>don't know where to go from here. Is there a registry listing or something 
>>>>that I should edit? And if so, where and how?
>>>>I understand that if all else fails, I'm looking at doing a total Windows 7 
>>>>Cripe. What a way to start the new year.
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