Well.. yes and no. It's ridiculous that a paying customer of so many years can only get timely, competent assistance by venting in a forum. If one were a cynic, it might suggest that Adobe is not concerned about customers' lack of satisfaction (or even their ability to use the tools for which they paid Adobe a princely sum) unless it risks damaging their reputation.

I have gone through something similar to Tammy's predicament some years ago. It took a solid week to resolve the issue -- a week in which my office was essentially dead in the water, helpless to fix it. As my business partner joked, "It would probably cost us less and get the issue resolved immediately if we rent a big billboard beside Adobe HQ and announce the problem".  Although my experience with Adobe's licensing practices is  that they generally do work fairly well, if they go off the rails the situation descends to nightmare level in 5 minutes flat and stays there until the user manages to connect with someone at Adobe who has both interest and power to fix it. And, unfortunately,  that person is rarely at the end of the first-tier Customer Support phone line.
Tori Muir
tm...@spot-on-creative.com | 650.430.8674

On 5/30/15, 10:50 AM, Steve Rickaby wrote:
At 07:43 -0600 30/5/15, Tammy Van Boening wrote:

Priyank came to my assistance and had the whole issue solved in 15 minutes.
Yet again the huge value of this group is validated.


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