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> > Don't put the figure caption in a text frame inside your anchored 
> > frame
> > -- as Winfried noted, that puts it in a different text flow.
> This is incorrect. A text frame inside an anchored frame has 
> the same Flow Tag as the text containing the anchored frame, 
> at least it does when there is only one text flow in a 
> document. I've never worked with multiple text flows, so I 
> don't know what would happen then, but suspect the answer 
> would be the same. On the other hand, a text frame in a 
> graphic frame has no text flow tag.

Are you sure, Michael? I just tested this. I created a text frame inside
an anchored frame. Then I created a graphics frame, and created a second
text frame inside that. In the Object Properties dialog, neither text
frame has a Flow Tag. 

It may be the case that FM can figure out the object order (dependency,
hierarchy -- whatever you call it) when the text frame is in the
anchored frame -- it's only one nested object removed from the flow,
kind of like a table cell.  Maybe FM only gets confused if there are
additional "layers," like a graphic frame object, or some other
complicating factor. 

In any case, Howard's numbering problem has plagued others as well.
Using a table instead of putting the caption inside the anchored frame
avoids the problem, however it's triggered. 


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