Michael D. Conner wrote:
> on 2/15/07 12:21 PM, Combs, Richard at richard.combs at Polycom.com wrote:
>> Don't put the figure caption in a text frame inside your anchored frame
>> -- as Winfried noted, that puts it in a different text flow.
> This is incorrect. A text frame inside an anchored frame has the same Flow
> Tag as the text containing the anchored frame, at least it does when there
> is only one text flow in a document. 

Not in my version (7.0, Windoze). A text frame inside an anchored frame 
has no flow tag in the Properties dialog box, and if I try to assign it 
flow A, an error message tells me that that flow already exists and if I 
want to use it I must connect the frames.

>On the other hand, a text frame in a graphic frame has no text
> flow tag.
In my version, text frames behave identically in anchored or graphic 
frames. They have no flow tag and I cannot assign an existing flow tag.

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