Acrobat 8 / PDF 1.7 does indeed have a facility by which you may
"pre-populate" the fields of the print dialog (you can't get to this
via Distiller joboptions - sorry!). However, that facility does NOT
prevent the end user from choosing any one of a number of printing
options within Acrobat which may scale the page at print time.

And as to Javascript options for controlling the print dialog, Javascript
is easy to disable.

And of course, the target printer and/or print driver may alter the
scaling as well, totally independent of anything you, Reader, or Acrobat
do to prevent same. It is nothing that Adobe can control.

Having said that, if printing 1:1 is critical, my recommendation would
be to have an area on the page(s) for which scaling must be performed
where you explicitly state the requirement for no scaling AND in which
you place an line of known length, let's say an inch or a centimeter with
text that warns that if that line is not exactly at the size specified,
to reprint without scaling.

        - Dov

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> From: David Creamer
> Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 8:17 AM
> > Is there any way to set options for printing the resulting PDF in what I
> > create, either from FM or in Acrobat before I share the PDF with the
> > reviewers and end users ?
> >
> Acrobat 8 Pro has a setting in the document Properties dialog box, under the
> Advanced tab. You can change the default page scaling to None.
> (I don't remember if 7 has this feature.)
> David Creamer

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