Robert Lauriston wrote:

> Note that Ken and his coworker were able to reproduce the problem.
> Sometimes FrameMaker has problems using source files are on network
> file servers, sometimes it doesn't. If you've experienced no problems,
> count yourself lucky.

The problems with files on network servers are usually of two kinds: 

1) Problems with permissions, as Syed suggested elsewhere on this thread. Such 
problems manifest consistently until the permissions problem is corrected, and 
then they're gone. 

2) Problems due to network latency, packet loss, slow reads/writes, etc. Such 
problems may be intermittent. At a given moment, FM may be trying to execute a 
step that's dependent on some preceding network read/write being complete, and 
for some (possibly temporary) reason, it isn't. Ideally, all application code 
would have robust enough error handling to recover gracefully from such a 
situation, but this isn't an ideal world. :-} 

If your enterprise has a solid, fast, reliable network (not saturated from time 
to time due to videoconferencing or BitTorrent downloads) and solid, fast, 
reliable network servers, you'll probably never encounter such problems. 

If not, but you still need to keep your files on a server file share (for 
backup, etc.), you might want to adopt a policy of always working on a local 
copy of your files and using a mirroring (folder synching) application to copy 
changed files to the network location. If management objects to that, politely 
suggest that the only viable alternative is that they fix the freakin' network. 

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