With regards to network folders and drives, Adobe software in general is 
essentially unaware of the media and location of the file. The provided file 
path, whether provided explicitly by the user with a file open dialog or 
implicitly as a link in a document is used "as is" for operating system file 
access calls. That having been said, when one accesses files on remote and/or 
slow links or even with semi-reliable media (such as old and scratched CD-Rs 
and DVD-Rs), read errors and/or timeouts can and do occur that are much less 
likely than when accessing a file on a "local" drive. The Adobe applications 
typically don't attempt any special recovery operations when such read errors 
and/or timeouts occur. That is likely the source of problems reported.

            - Dov

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I think that there may be some confusion about local vs. network 
folders/drives. Perhaps I read too much into Ken's responses from the Adobe 

In my case, all application executables are on my drive C and the data files 
are on drive E on the _same_ system. I.e., drive E is _not_ a network-mounted 
drive ... it is physically installed on my laptop.

For this "all local drives" arrangement, there should _never_ be any issue for 
any modern Windows application.

However, if the data files are on a network server, even if that folder/drive 
is "mounted" as a "local" drive letter in Windows, then I can see where 
incorrect permissions on that remote location can cause confusion and access 
issues. You _have_ to have write permission on that remote drive/folder for 

FWIW, I have used FrameMaker on a network without problems. I regularly back up 
my files onto a network server (into a folder where I have read/write access). 
Indeed, I just checked ... I don't have any difficulty opening those remote 
files, editing/saving, etc.

The point being that things on networks just have to be set up correctly, so an 
Adobe tech may want to _not_ recommend this for everybody. Regardless, I would 
not consider that as official Adobe policy.

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