I would really appreciate it if when you interact with anyone in Adobe 
Technical Support or Adobe Customer Support, you get the actual name (or id) of 
the person you are speaking to as well as the case number associated with your 
call. Every call has a case number even if the person doesn't tell you it. If 
you have that case number, we can trace back to whoever gave you such gross 
misinformation and send them off to the Gulag for regrooving or possibly 
terminate their association with our providers if there is a pattern of 
providing gross misinformation to our customers. If they refuse to provide a 
case number for your call, demand to speak with a supervisor!!!

            - Dov ("angry in San Jose")

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I have been told numerous times by Adobe support personnel that it is

a bad idea to have .fm files on a different drive from the

installation directory. Nonetheless I have installed FM on C:\ and

worked on network files for many years without serious problems (or

rather, problems could always be traced tio another source).

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