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> On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 2:14 PM, Dorneles Treméa<dorne...@tremea.com>  wrote:
>> from his recent work on Canonical, I'm sure Sidnei has some great
>> insights to share here, don't you Sidnei? :-)
> We've been using YUI, so Y.Test as the test framework. We run tests
> manually in the browser when debugging, but for automated unit tests
> we use JsTestDriver from Google to drive the tests, save output to XML
> then report failure/success back to Python's unittest by parsing the
> XML. There's a little bridging needed to get the tests registered with
> JsTestDriver, but not terrible. JsTestDriver ships with a version of
> jQuery, but might not be the same you guys are using. There's another
> test runner coming up, YETI, but it might be YUI-specific.

Is JsTestDriver qUnit compatible ?

> For functional tests, we're using Selenium2, which is alpha-something
> IIRC. It's *way* better than Selenium1. We're using the webdriver API
> (remote webdriver and Firefox, on local machine), and it's Good

Do you test multiple browsers or only Firefox ?

> Enough, just forget about recording tests in the browser and saving
> them - at least for now. One way or another, writing tests manually
> isn't that hard once you get the idea, and produces better, more
> concise tests, specially if you have to match elements with CSS
> classes or XPath.

Do you use Selenium IDE or write from scratch ?

> The Launchpad team is using Windmill. From the amount of groaning I
> hear over there, I would avoid it at all costs.

First time I hear bad sound about Windmill. Happy that I am no the only 
one not convinced.

> It is possible to run headless tests with both Selenium2 and Windmill,
> under xvfb-run. Pretty trivial actually.
> Forget about writing a ton of tiny tests though. I would say
> functional Selenium tests should be end-to-end, massive use case
> tests. Because they take a long time to run. If you think Plone tests
> take a long time, think again. ;)

Reason why I insist on automated tests. Functional tests run too slowly 
to rely on developers running them regularly. We need to delegate to 
Hudson or buildbot.

> -- Sidnei


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