''Is it really that much of an instant gratification generation that you
get in, judge, and get out so quickly?''
Millennials...There should be a horror movie titled ''Children of the

2015-09-26 3:46 GMT-04:00 Dave Tetzlaff <djte...@gmail.com>:

> Francisco Torres wrote:
> I figured it couldn't be that bad, that I could surely draw inspiration
> from artists with a lifetime of experience, and that it could enrich my
> practice and inspire me.
> Do people really talk like THAT? Is this guy for real?
> Hmmm. Maybe not. Could be a troll post: a parody of a spoiled millenial
> squawk writing style intended to get older FRAMEWORKERS to react with
> dyspeptic curmudgeonous, and the author is sitting back giggling at the
> thread. Googling 'Jona Gerlach' yields no likely suspect for the post: just
> a Facebook page of a student in Germany with no apparent interest in film
> (and the post doesn't read as ESL), and a Twitter account with all of two
> short original tweets, both apparently snarky replies to existing threads:
> "you just broke the toilet" and "really excited about the hookers". But
> maybe it's a fake of a different kind...
> The thing is, I don't know why anyone who's heard about FRAMEWORKS "from
> many sources" would imagine this is a place to "draw inspiration from
> artists with a lifetime of experience" yada yada yada, or that ANY listserv
> would offer such an experience. Posts that discuss the ART of experimental
> film only show up here once in a blue moon. That's natural. It's a deep
> subject, and email lists are filled with short quickly fired-off little
> notes on stuff that doesn't take a lot of time to think about. We get
> announcements, tech questions, requests to fill out silly lists of films
> fitting some vague and over-broad one-line definition...
> If you want inspirational substance, you watch the damn films (get hip to
> bit-torrent of you don't live near NY, London, or some other cultural
> capital), read Scott MacDonald's interview collections, Google the websites
> that have actual critical essays discussing relevant filmmakers...
> I honestly can't imagine thin-skinned millenial cry babies would even know
> what a LISTSERV is, much less lower themselves and take time away from
> Twitter and Instagram to read and post on one. Shit, Facebook is for
> dinosaurs, which makes us, I dunno, the promordial ooze of the information
> age or something.
> Now, perhaps Sasha Janerus -- who Google reveals to be an actual person in
> the NYC film scene, having curated a couple screenings co-sponsored by MFW
> (assuming the post to which 'Jona' replied is from that 'real Sasha
> Janerus' -- one never knows) -- would have some insight on who might
> respond to her post under a pseudonym, to complain about 'negativity,
> people being shamed and attacked over the most innocuous things, old
> grudges and hostilities...' and call for us all to unite together into a
> flying wedge charging the enemies of experimental film. Like bitching at
> FRAMEWORKERS and unsubscribing after two hours is a step in that direction.
> Maybe somebody associated with Millenium is a little butt-hurt at
> Janerus's allegations?
> Somebody who's been a party to old grudges and hostilities, even?
> Is it just me, or is it more than "innocuous" if someone is "grifting"
> around phantom remains of one of the most important institutions in the
> history of our obscure little corner of artistic practice?
> I know bupkis about doings at MFW, present or past, so Janerus's post
> could be nothing more than gossipy shade for all I know. But someone trying
> to present such matters as "innocuous", rather than just calling out
> Janerus for being full of BS, makes me wonder if those doing are indeed not
> innocuous at all.
> [Seriously, I don't shit about any of these people or the history at
> issue. I just 'smell' ... something... in the words of the exchange. I just
> got off jury duty, and my sniffer may be over-sensitized as a result. So if
> I'm showing a bit of unwarranted paranoia here, forgive me...  but with the
> craze for The Donald still being A Thing, dark imaginings do tend to run
> through the mind, eh?]
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