Thanks so much to everyone who has replied to me off list already!   
I look forward to meeting you all.

I haven't sent individual replies to schedule meetings as I'm currently 
focusing on the logistics for my screening at Spectacle tomorrow night
(7:30 pm, Spectacle Theatre in Brooklyn... if you're around, you should go!)

But after that... from Thursday onward, I will start replying to you all and 
setting up times to meet up or chat about MFW!

.... and Francisco... I'll make you a deal.... 
you were one of the ones who proposed that perhaps MFW should close up shop... 
but it sounds like you are no longer here in the city... so I will do a trade 
with you... 
I'll give you the password and the link to see the full length rough cut of the 
film, if you'll agree to chat with me about MFW via skype or phone. ;-)
how's that sound?

On 2015-11-02, at 11:08 PM, Francisco Torres wrote:

> spectres of shortwave- now that is a film I wish I could watch... A
> lot of my work deals with sw...
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