kabutor wrote:
> Well, Ive been this morning testing the hud, and It works fine when 
> working with static content, If I try to change the content, as read in 
> the forums, the content is blank, and by the read of this post, that is 
> not going to change, until 1.0, because they are putting on the new Gui 
> System (CrazysEddieGui).
> (http://www.ogre3d.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2029)
> I browse in CEGui website for any tutorial or so, but didnt found 
> nothing, so at this moment I am a bit stuck, also I try to load the 
> vera.ttf into Ogre and it crash, so Im making this tests with Ogre Font..

Okay, than let's leave it out for 0.2.2. CEGUI is currently getting
integrated for Ogre 1.0 and we'll need it later anyway to situations
during sea passages (e.g. when deciding whether to enter an opponent's
What about a static HUD with only the ship's name and the ship's type for

The remaining issues for 0.2.2: Did I miss something?

- I'll have a look at the reloading of the water plane this night.

- If you like you could have a look at the sail spanking, other parts of the
  ship should turn over as well and it could be smoother.

- I'll fix the sail physics to make them less sloppy



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