> Again I ask: if maintenance is an issue, why would you not even
> attempt to find a maintainer?

How do you "find a maintainer"? Do you run a contest on your favourite TV
channel or what? Maintainers appear by themselves or they don't. Considering
how long UUCP has been unmaintained, they don't in this case.

> 1) Remove all the network interfaces from your system (Ethernet,
> PPP, SL/IP, etc).
> 2) cd into /usr/ports and try to build UUCP.

Now ask yourself, how you have installed FreeBSD on this system.

> Unless you have a prepopulated /usr/ports/distfiles, it won't work.
> Requiring IP connectivity to bootstrap software on a machine
> that doesn't have IP connectivity is a non-starter. Yes, you can
> install from the CDROM, but there will always be cases where you
> can't do this (media errors, lack of CD, etc.)

pkg_add freebsd-uucp.tgz

If you can't do that from floppy/CD, then you can't install FreeBSD as well,
so you don't have a problem.

> However my underlying argument still remains that nothing is being
> done to address the actual problem. I.e., people are going out of
> their way to see the problem NOT get fixed. There's an issue of
> principal at stake here, and I really don't like the precedent that
> is being set by this move.

What are *you* doing to address the problem? Are you stepping up as a
maintainer? Are you willing to fix the problems with UUCP in FreeBSD as it is?
How much time are you willing to contribute?

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