> > I don't get your point - what is wrong with having it a port?
> Well, here's one reason:
> 1) Remove all the network interfaces from your system (Ethernet,
> PPP, SL/IP, etc). 
> 2) cd into /usr/ports and try to build UUCP.
> Unless you have a prepopulated /usr/ports/distfiles, it won't work.
> Requiring IP connectivity to bootstrap software on a machine
> that doesn't have IP connectivity is a non-starter. Yes, you can
> install from the CDROM, but there will always be cases where you
> can't do this (media errors, lack of CD, etc.)

Umm, how did you get FreeBSD installed in the first place, if you didn't
have IP connectivity and no CDROM?

IP connectivity is necessary to get the OS installed, so this is a moot

And, if you want to maintain the UUCP software, it's as easy to do in
the prot as it is in the OS, and is in fact *easier* to maintain as a
port w/out IP connectivity since you can submit patches via email, but
you can't commit changes to the CVS tree via email as easily.


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