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Subject: Re: BigApache for Windows - Why doesn't BSD have an installer

> --- Jerry McAllister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > - Installing Packages is nice & easy & straight forward from the
> > docs(should be more of these!)
> > > - Installing ports/packages via ftp/net - Forget it!!
> > > I have barely got BSD running, the last thing I want is connecting a
> > > box to my broadband
> > > connection ?? Does BSD have a default firewall ?? Don't know, having
> > > trouble installing stuff let
> > > alone configuring a firewall via scripts/files
> >
> > You are probably better off and more secure with an initial install,
> > no additional work or tweaking, of FreeBSD on the net than you would be
> > with a MS system with every know "fix" available.   The system is
> > inherently more secure and in addition - and maybe partially because of
> > this - fewer, by far,  attempts at cracking FreeBSD are made than are
> > made against MS systems.  Some of this is, of course, because there are
> > much fewer FreeBSD systems out there to tempt kiddies.  But, the fact
> > that cracking FreeBSD is more difficult contributes to this effect.
> So if I do a default install of FreeBSD & then connect to the net for
> ports/packages, is there a default firewall running in the background ??

No, but then again, there are hardly any services either. See, unlike
Windows, you're not going to have the same issues with trojans and breeches.
If it's just you, and you've not added anyone else, you're pretty damn safe.
Root can't log in from remote at all unless you specifically change the
options that would allow it.



Micheal Patterson
TSG Network Administration

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