--- Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > My bootup is fine, its the BSD+wmaker running & opening nedit & a cmd
> prompts
> > > that are slower than Windows 2000 ?? any suggestions as to why ??
> My FreeBSD system, using Gnome (which is a system hog) is faster than when
> Windows NT was installed ... and I _KNOW_ NT is faster than W2K.  So, if
> you're honestly having speed problems, then something is wrong.
> So, you need to do the proper steps to figure out what's wrong with your
> system.  Have you pasted a dmesg?  My first guess would be that your
> hardware is a little off, and Windows has drivers for it but FreeBSD doesn't,
> thus you get expected performance on Windows, but crap on FreeBSD.

Hi Bill,

Apologies if I come across as trolling. I guess I had too high an expectation
as to what I expected FBSD to be able to do. I will refrain from doing
comparisons with Windows as that seems to just annoy people.

As for dmesg, I will run that tonight & post that. I assume I type: dmesg -a


> Also, are you saying that you run nedit on both Windows and FreeBSD and it's
> faster on Windows?  Or are you comparing nedit to an apple?

I run Nedit on FBSD & Emeditor on Windows which is much more GUI color
intensive & has many more functions than Nedit. Again, EmEditor on Windows
loads & runs "much faster" then Nedit on FBSD. As you said, it may be that FBSD
has defaulted hardware for my box that is incorrect.

> Also, have you monitored various system "stuff"?  Run top, systat, etc
> while starting the programs in an attempt to isolate the bottleneck.

If there is any other particular diagnostic programs on FBSD that you want me
to run & post the details that may help identify my slow performance please let
me know ??

I haven't run top or systat, but I will run them tonight.

Kind Regards,


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