Jerry McAllister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > My bootup is fine, its the BSD+wmaker running & opening nedit & a cmd prompts
> > that are slower than Windows 2000 ?? any suggestions as to why ??

This is ridiculous.  You're getting lousy help because most of your email
sounds like a Troll ... and the Troll-feeders are answering your questions
instead of people who know how to help.  (Nothing against the Troll-feeders,
they're just trying to help as well ... they just don't know any better)

My FreeBSD system, using Gnome (which is a system hog) is faster than when
Windows NT was installed ... and I _KNOW_ NT is faster than W2K.  So, if
you're honestly having speed problems, then something is wrong.

So, you need to do the proper steps to figure out what's wrong with your
system.  Have you pasted a dmesg?  My first guess would be that your
hardware is a little off, and Windows has drivers for it but FreeBSD doesn't,
thus you get expected performance on Windows, but crap on FreeBSD.

Also, are you saying that you run nedit on both Windows and FreeBSD and it's
faster on Windows?  Or are you comparing nedit to an apple?

Also, have you monitored various system "stuff"?  Run top, systat, etc
while starting the programs in an attempt to isolate the bottleneck.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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