On 2004-07-28 23:55, DK <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- Jerry McAllister <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > You are probably better off and more secure with an initial install,
> > with no additional work or tweaking, of FreeBSD on the net than you
> > would be with a MS system with every know "fix" available.
> So if I do a default install of FreeBSD & then connect to the net for
> ports/packages, is there a default firewall running in the background ??

No, but the default setup of FreeBSD doesn't enable a ton of services.
The /etc/inetd.conf file has nothing enabled by default.  Even if it
did, you'd have to manually enable inetd in /etc/rc.conf since it's also
disabled by default:

$ grep -v '^[[:space:]]*#' /usr/src/etc/inetd.conf
$ grep inetd_enable /usr/src/etc/defaults/rc.conf
inetd_enable="NO"               # Run the network daemon dispatcher (YES/NO).

> > Do use appropriate precautions such as ssh instead of telnet and ssl
> > protected sites where possible and check md5-s of downloaded files.
> > But, don't let it stop you from using it with FreeBSD.
> Do you install FreeBSD first & connect to the net for ports/packages,
> or install the actual FreeBSD OS from the /stand/sysinstall & select
> the net ??

There is no difference in the two statements presented as alternative
options above.  Keep in mind that /stand/sysinstall *IS* the FreeBSD

> My bootup is fine, its the BSD+wmaker running & opening nedit & a cmd
> prompts that are slower than Windows 2000 ?? any suggestions as to why ??

You're probably using X11 with a "vesa" driver or something that doesn't
take advantage of all the accelerations that your hardware can provide.


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