> --- Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > My bootup is fine, its the BSD+wmaker running & opening nedit & a cmd
> > > prompts
> > > that are slower than Windows 2000 ?? any suggestions as to why ??
> > My FreeBSD system, using Gnome (which is a system hog) is faster than when
> > Windows NT was installed ... and I _KNOW_ NT is faster than W2K.  So, if
> > you're honestly having speed problems, then something is wrong.
> > 
> > So, you need to do the proper steps to figure out what's wrong with your
> > system.  Have you pasted a dmesg?  My first guess would be that your
> > hardware is a little off, and Windows has drivers for it but FreeBSD
> > doesn't, thus you get expected performance on Windows, but crap on
> > FreeBSD.
> Hi Bill,
> Apologies if I come across as trolling. I guess I had too high an expectation
> as to what I expected FBSD to be able to do. I will refrain from doing
> comparisons with Windows as that seems to just annoy people.

It's not comparisons to Windows that piss people off, it's coming on to
the list with statements like "What the fuck is wrong that FreeBSD sucks
so much compared to Windows" that piss off people who have put a ton of
their time into FreeBSD.

If you seriously want to help a _volunteer_ project, it's best to take
a tone of "I'm seeing X, how can I help improve it"

If you just want someone to fix it for you, you can still use FreeBSD.
Consider sponsoring a developer to tackle your problem.  Donations
through the FreeBSD Foundation are usually tax-deductable.  Last I checked,
no money you sent to Microsoft was tax-deductable.

> As for dmesg, I will run that tonight & post that. I assume I type: dmesg -a

Just "dmesg" will do ... cut/paste into an email.

Also, when you say "slower" you need to be more specific.  How long does
it take?  What part of using the app is slow?

> > Also, are you saying that you run nedit on both Windows and FreeBSD and it's
> > faster on Windows?  Or are you comparing nedit to an apple?
> I run Nedit on FBSD & Emeditor on Windows which is much more GUI color
> intensive & has many more functions than Nedit. Again, EmEditor on Windows
> loads & runs "much faster" then Nedit on FBSD. As you said, it may be that
> has defaulted hardware for my box that is incorrect.

Only thing I can say here is that you're comparing Apples to Oranges.
Never having used EmEditor, I can't say whether it's got more features
than nedit or not, but it's still apples to oranges.  Run EmEditor on
FreeBSD and see how it compares.

> > Also, have you monitored various system "stuff"?  Run top, systat, etc
> > while starting the programs in an attempt to isolate the bottleneck.
> If there is any other particular diagnostic programs on FBSD that you want me
> to run & post the details that may help identify my slow performance please
> let
> me know ??
> I haven't run top or systat, but I will run them tonight.

You need to run/monitor those programs _while_ you are doing the things
that seem slow to you.  They will tell you where the holdup is.

Also, make sure your networking is configured properly.  FreeBSD will be
slow if it's trying to do (for example) DNS lookup and DNS is slow or
improperly configured.  You'd be surprised how many programs try to do
DNS lookups while they're running.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies
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