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William Allen Simpson wrote:

> Reading the code to try to divine the original intent, it makes no sense to
> have a special purpose key to filter land or sea units from an existing
> selected group.  The only time that could possibly be used would be in a
> port, and only when both ships and land units are present.
> This especially make no sense with battlegroups that can be on more than one
> tile.  More than one port?  Battlegroups with both land and sea units?

No need to read the code, just ask anyone who plays multiplayer.

The quickselect is intended to pick a quick unit from the current stack 
to do a quick action.  Since the most important action is around ports 
which almost always contain both land and sea units, the case you 
dismiss is actually one of the more common ones.

The / and * keys duplicate the behavior of the RMB and LMB.  This should 
be documented and those key commands added to the menu.  And while we're 
at it we should pick keys that aren't so random.


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